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With logistics in place to handle the flow of energy today and beyond, TXU/Oncor provides three-phase service to sites, with a 345/138 kV autotransformer and 138 kV buses The construction of the Hicks - Elizabeth Creek in 2016 will add an additional 138 kV double-circuit line. A 25 KV electric transmission and delivery system is supplied by the TXU/Oncor transmission station at Alliance Airport. Water and sewer are provided by the City of Fort Worth and Atmos Energy is the provider of natural gas.

Electric Delivery
Electric Energy Delivery Oncor Electric Delivery
Reliability 99.946990
Transmission Voltage 69 KV, 138 KV, 345 KV
Service Voltage 120/208, 120/240, 240/480, 277/480
Natural Gas
Provider Atmos Energy
BTU Content Per Cubic Ft. 1,050
Supplier City of Fort Worth
Source City Wells
Maximum Daily System Capacity 3,500,000 gallons
Maximum Daily Use to Date 511,000 gallons
Pressure on Mains 60 psi
Storage Capacity 1,725,000 gallons
Size of Mains 2-16 inches
System Looped No
Treatment Plan Types Trinity River Authority
Max Capacity 2,500,000 gallons
Max Daily Use to Date 144,000 gallons
Projects Under Construction 2,500,000 Gallon Expansion
Telephone Service Providers
Digital Available Yes
Analog Available No
Electromechanical No
Make and Model DMS 100
Software Level  
Fiber Optics Yes
Switched 56 Kbps Yes
High Capacity Digital (T-1) Yes
Digital Data Service Yes
911 Available Yes
Other Network Services  


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