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Taxes & Incentives

Support now and in the future
Non-stop support begins the moment you show interest. Haslet EDC will work to move you to ROI and beyond with great tax incentives. Haslet offers a property tax rate of 33 cents per $100. The financial advantages continue to accrue with our portfolio of incentives designed with your continued success in mind.

Incentive Type City has Incentive
Tax Abatement Yes
Enterprise Zone No
Industrial Foundation No
Foreign Trade Zone Yes
Reinvestment Zone Yes
Freeport Exemption Yes
Other Incentives Yes

Click the links below to see the incentives we offer.

  1. Cash Grant Incentives (Type A)
  2. Infrastructure Reimbursement Policy (Type A)
  3. Cash Grant Incentives (Type B)
  4. Infrastructure Reimbursement Policy (Type B)
Tarrant County $0.244000
Haslet City $0.333044
Northwest ISD $1.490000
Tarrant County College $0.140060
Tarrant County Hospital $0.224429
TOTAL $2.431533
Tax Type Tax Rate (%)
State Sales Tax 6.250%
Municipal Sales Tax 1.000%
Type B Sales Tax 0.500%
Type A Sales Tax 0.250%
Street Maintenance Tax 0.250%
Total Sales Tax 8.250%‚Äč


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